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Cammo Flex Gel & Liquid

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NOTE: Due to the limited shelf life of this product orders are placed on an as needed basis. Please call if you wish to place an order for this product. 770-731-5230

CAMMO FLEX is a 100% solids epoxy system specially formulated to provide a flexible surface for sculpturing and modeling projects.  CAMMO FLEX will cure into a durable rubber that will accommodate movement and even bend upon cure.  CAMMO FLEX is available in an untinted liquid or gel formulas and can be pigmented or painted.  CAMMO FLEX is ideal for vines, trees, and leaves or other projects that require a more “lifelike” texture or feel.  CAMMO FLEX is furnished in convenient pre-measured kits for easy and accurate mixing of the product.

Application Instructions: 

Add entire contents of the Part B container into the Part A container.  Using a mixing stick or slow speed drill, thoroughly mix until streak free while being careful to avoid whipping air into the mixture.  Apply the CAMMO FLEX by hand, brush or trowel to surface in thin layers up to 1/4” thick.  Allow a 6 hour initial cure before applying additional layers of CAMMO FLEX and allow 24 hour cure before coating or painting the CAMMO FLEX.

Technical Data: Cammo Flex Datasheet
                           Cammo Flex Part A MSDS      Cammo Flex Part B MSDS