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Pros-Aide Go Kit

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The Pros-Aide Go Kit. Each kit includes: 1 oz Pros-Aide "The Original" 1 oz Pros-Aide II "The Sequel" 1 oz Pros-Aide "No Tack" 1 oz Pros-Aide Aqua-Cream 0.5 oz Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive 2 oz Pros-Aide Remover Package of cotton swabs Package of cotton balls For over 30 years, Pros-Aide adhesive has been the worldwide industry standard for use in the professional medical prosthetic and special effects make-up industries. Pros-Aide is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is non-irritating. All Pros-Aide products are water-based and completely safe. When dry, Pros-Aide adhesive gives absolute waterproof bonds to all skin surfaces – the kind of adhesion that is required with medical prosthetic applications and the demanding needs of professional special effects make-up artists.