SilPak-R-1120 ( Rubber Glass)

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R-1120 A/B Tin Base (Condensation Cure), two-component, room temperature cure (RTV) silicone rubber. This system was
specifically formulated for applications where optical clarity is required. It is used for potting, encapsulation, special effects, i.e., fake
ice and glass, and any application where crystal clarity is needed. Once cured, silicone can be easy processed for making broken,
or shattered rubber glass effects. Add Silicone Pigments to create custom colored parts.
Available Sizes: Pint Kit (1 lb) & Qrt Kit (2 lb) Gal Kit (9 lb) & 5 Gal Kit (44 lbs)


Product Features:
• Low Viscosity for ease of pouring
• Crystal Clear
• Low Tear Strength for easier Rubber Glass Effects
• Pre-Cured Blocks Available—25 lbs (Dimensions 13”x9”x5.5”)
Color: Clear, Transparent
Viscosity @ 77F: 10,000 cps—Mixed
Shelf Life: 6 months
Specific Gravity: 1.01
Hardness: 20 A Shore
Pot Life: 15 Minutes
Cure Time: 1 day under 1” thick , up to 5 days depending on greater thickness
R-1120 A is processed by adding the curing agent B. Part B should be shaken prior to use. The addition of 10% catalyst (by
weight) has a pot life of 15 minutes*. Since material is clear, a double mix—mixing in one container then transferring to another and
remixing—is recommended to ensure a thorough mix. Pot life will vary due to environmental changes. A pre-test of a small amount
will determine work time, usually 15 minutes. Pressure pot may be used to assure bubble release and clarity. ** Large sections over
1" thick could take up to 3-5 days to properly dry. Please contact your Silpak technician for assistance in your application of R-1120
A/B. This material can dry differently from summer to winter. Accelerated cures not recommended.
A and B components must be stored in their original, unopened containers at temperatures between 60-90F. Shelf life of materials
when kept in unopened, sealed containers, at the recommended storage conditions, is 6 months