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Best blood paint period

Perma Blood is one of the best props and is used frequently in the film and production industries. This fake blood provides a realistic-looking appearance for a range of uses and is popular stage blood for productions across the country.

Perma Blood appearance

Unlike most fake blood that sets and dries with a pink or brown color, Perma Blood has a bright red and glossy appearance, making it look like fresh blood. This makes Perma Blood one of the top choices throughout the haunt industry and is consistently used in big film productions, including international movies.

Where to use Perma Blood

Perma Blood is designed to be used on walls, props, and costumes. It’s also waterproof on most surfaces and has good UV resistance if used in areas of sunlight and environmental exposure. Please note that Perma Blood is permanent. It will not wash out. It’s not intended for use in makeup, so it would not be suitable as fake blood to use on the skin. We have a specialized range of special FX makeup that is suitable for the skin and offers a realistic option to complement the use of Perma Blood on clothing.

Perma Blood is used all over the world

Perma-Blood is already in use in haunted attractions all over the United States and all over the world. It has even been featured on Modern Marvels on the History Channel and on many of the costumes for the hit movie, Zombieland, and AMC's groundbreaking series, The Walking Dead