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P-429 (Platinum Gel Silicone)

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P-429: Platinum gel is extremely soft, tacky, transparent, resilient silicone rubber gel. It is a two component, addition cure material that is sensitive to cure inhibition when in contact with sulfur, nitrogen, or organo-tin containing materials. P-429 has a low viscosity that allows for easy mixing, deairing, and pouring. It is used for potting or encapsulating electrical parts where visual inspection is required. P-429 has greater mechanical properties than traditional gels and can be used in conjunction with platinum cured special effects silicones to produce realistic simulations of living tissue. 


Color: Transparent

Working time: 2 to 4 Hours

Cure Time: 18 to 24 Hours

Shelf Life: (Uncured material): 6 Months

Penetrometer Measurement: 40mm to 60mm