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PlatSil 73-15 - All Kit Sizes

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PlatSil 73-15 is a 1:1 mix platinum/addition-cure silicone that cures to a soft A~15.
This silicone is a blend of all the best properties available for a silicone mold rubber.

PlatSil 73-15 is 1A:1B, by weight or volume.Parts A and B are hazy clear and cure to a mostly clear silicone in ~4 hours at 70F. This is a popular silicone formula for resin casting, flat mold prosthetic molds, and other precision mold-making and silicone casting applications.

A 15 minute pour time coupled with a 4-5 hour demold time is the best of both worlds!
PlatSil 73-15 does not shrink on cure and the resulting mold has great tear strength and easy release from all casting media.