2300 Release Agent - Fox and Superfine
2300 Release Agent - Fox and Superfine

2300 Release Agent

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Important! This product must be shipped UPS or Fed Ground ONLY.

Even more important! Do not use with liquid silicone! 2300 will cause liquid silicone to bond to patterns or inhibit the cure of Platinum formulas! Use 2500 or Eject-it 33 for silicone-to-silicone or silicone-to-pattern applications.

Silicone Spray Release. Use for releasing urethane rubber from resin, plaster, wax. Spray a light mist and use a dry brush to remove any excess and spread evenly.
Superior mold release with minimum build up on mold surfaces.
Use on polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, aluminum, or steel molds.
Excellent for casting urethane, epoxy and polyester parts.

NOTE: Wash cast parts with hot water and detergent before attempting to apply surface finish. Several washings may be necessary depending on the amount of release used.

Technical Data: Pol-Ease 2300 MSDS

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