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Art Coat - Fox and Superfine
Art Coat - Fox and Superfine

Art Coat

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Stone Coat Countertops - Epoxy Resin for Art.

We have been working with resin artists closely to bring you Stone Coat resin for art in
gallon kits! Our art resin is a fantastic epoxy formula with zero VOCs; an extended
working time added U.V inhibitors for maximum UltraViolet Resistance. This Stone Coat
art resin blend is compatible with alcohol inks, acrylics, silicone oils, metallics, oil-based
paint, and more! Shop for your gallon kit of epoxy resin for art today.

Our Stone Coat Resin Art Kit is:
● Heat-Resistant
● Scratch-Resistant
● Food Safe
● Maximum U.V Resistant
● Water Resistant- Renewable
● Easy To Clean
● Zero VOC- 100% Solids
● DIY friendly.