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SFX Glue Brush 7pc. Brush Set - Fox and Superfine

SFX Glue Brush 7pc. Brush Set

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This set includes 7 versatile brushes specially designed for applying glue during prosthetics application.

Brushes included in this set:
#173X Stomper
#129X Bent Multipurpose Glue
#127X Large Glue
#126X Filbert Glue
#125X Square Glue
#124X Small Glue
#122X Bent Glue
Ziplock Pouch

Bristles fashioned to withstand most strong makeup and cleaning solutions
Brush adhesives resistant to most solvents
Professional eco-friendly makeup brushes and 100% cruelty-free
All sustainable bamboo handles, vegan soft synthetic bristles, and aluminum ferrules