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nternational makeup artist Rebecca Rachael designed this incredible product to assist makeup artists everywhere. Increase productivity and working speed by keeping brushes close at hand with this convenient brush holding sleeve. No more wondering where you left you favorite eye or powder brush. Move from client to client and take your brushes with you. The brush sleeve can hold up to 13 brushes and tools at eye level for rapid access. It molds to fit the contours of your arm shape and has a handy pocket on back for business cards. This unique invention will surely keep you at the top of your makeup game. Brushes not included.
What's a Brush Sleeve without brushes? This amazing brush holder can accommodate two fat handled brushes, such as powder brushes, and 11 other smaller brushes. For full range of professional artist quality brushes that are completely vegan with super soft synthetic filaments, check out our line of OMNIA® makeup brushes. For a wide range of high quality brushes that have either natural or synthetic fibers, check out the Royal S.I.L.K line of brushes. The brush sleeve can even work with face and body painting brushes. Our full line of synthetic face painting brushes will surely fill this holder without emptying your wallet.