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EBA Performance Cover up Palette

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Encore SKT Skin Cover Up comes with 8 skin tones ranging from light to dark and 2 concealers consisting of Olive and Mauve to cancel even the most extreme ink color. The two concealers are also used as color correctors to correct red, yellow and green skin undertones. Furthermore, the eight skin tones consist of four colors with yellow/olive undertone, three colors with red undertone and one neutral lightest color. Because of the exceptional durability and adhesion to the skin the SKT Skin Cover Up can be completed with almost any conventional makeup including powders.
10 individual colors in metal pans:
N1, W1, C2, W3, C4, W5, C5, W9, MAUVE, OLIVE

Encore signature fully customizable magnetic case holding 10 individual colors
Built-In white mixing surface