Encore Alcohol Palette - Neill Gorton Flesh Palette - Fox and Superfine

Encore Alcohol Palette - Neill Gorton Flesh Palette

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Encore Alcohol Activated Palette FLESH Edition was designed by professional makeup artist and an award-winning Makeup Effects master and owner/director of Gorton Studios and Millennium FX (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, THE WOLFMAN, GRAVITY, DOCTOR WHO, THE CATHERINE TATE SHOW). “Most of my prosthetics work is character make up, disguises, character change and ageing so my choice of colors across the ENCORE FLESH and AGED palettes compliments this. Prosthetic make up is rubber devoid of life. I needed a palette that could breathe the life in to any appliance by taking it from an intrinsic flat base flesh tone and add the warmth and soft variations seen in a healthy individual. Once you add the life you then build character”. NEILL GORTON
Encore FLESH Alcohol Activated Palette comes with EBA’s signature magnetic refillable case and ten (10) colors in 1.5 x 1.5 inch pans (38 x 38mm): C2, C4, W3, W5, W9, MAUVE, BURNT SIENNA, PRIME RED, PRIME YELLOW & CHARCOAL