Endura Pro Packs-Autopsy 1oz (10 Pack) - Fox and Superfine

Endura Pro Packs-Autopsy 1oz (10 Pack)

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Endura PRO colors were designed by professional makeup artists in the special FX, film, theatre and TV industry. The Endura PRO makeup provides exceptional wear ability and water resistance when used on human skin and it also holds extremely well when used on foam, latex, rubber or encapsulated silicone prosthetics. Please select your colors and sizes. Endura PRO is the preferred choice of pro artists when it comes to durability, range of colors and opacity. Please make your paint pack and size selection.

Endura PRO AUTOPSY alcohol paint pack was designed by professional makeup artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller (RESIDENT EVIL, PREDATOR 2, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, THE ORVILLE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and GOLIATH).