Endura Skin Wars- 1oz (6 Pack) - Fox and Superfine

Endura Skin Wars- 1oz (6 Pack)

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Endura Skin Wars Pack

Includes: Blue Diamond, Chrome, Turquois, Desert Reflections, Gold Dust, Silver Pearl, Violet Glaze.

Endura alcohol based makeup paint packs come in a variety of different styles to accommodate different applications.  The individual colors are neatly packaged in a clear box ensuring that your makeup station or makeup kit always stays organized.

Endura is an alcohol based fast drying makeup that provides rich coverage, unlimited blending, no cracking, clog-less performance and extreme durability (sweat and waterproof). Endura is ready to go and can be applied by airbrush brush or sponge. Endura can last up to 7 days making Endura the most durable makeup in the industry. .