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Face Armature Set

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Face armature set combining our simple but incredibly useful vacuum formed face armature and molding jacket.

Face Armature:
– It can be used on its own as a sculpting armature for creating half mask
– It can be used as a mold for creating a plaster or resin face cast on which to sculpt prosthetics
– As it’s derived for the same head cast as our head armature it can be part of a multi piece prosthetic build.
– Being light weight it can ship inexpensively. Cheaper than shipping a solid cast head armature
– Great for colleges and educational establishments.

Molding Jacket:
– As a retaining wall when molding sculptures are created on the face armature. Takes the hassle out of creating retaining walls from scratch or free forming plaster. Quite often the molding jacket won’t survive the process but cost relative to the cost of the waste you can have from a losing a sculpture with a failed mold, extra materials used to create a retaining wall, or the extra plaster used to free from and build up plaster mold the molding jacket actually saves money.

– As a support for the face armature. If you’re casting a plaster or resin form from the face armature you can use the molding jacket as a support to prevent the face armature from rolling about your workbench or distorting under the pressure of the materials when filled with water or sand.

– As a cover when sculpting in WED or pottery clay. Just pop the molding jacket over your sculpture rather than wrapping your sculpture in plastic and wet towels and potentially losing detail.