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GI-1000 (Tin-Silicone) - Fox and Superfine
GI-1000 (Tin-Silicone) - Fox and Superfine

GI-1000 (Tin-Silicone)

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GI-1000 is an extremely high tear, high tensile strength, two component, tin catalyzed RTV Silicone Rubber. It is designed for casting polyurethane foam, polyester and epoxy parts. GI-1000 is a good electrical insulator where high mechanical stresses are involved. It is a superior product with the following advantages over other RTV silicones:  

Extremely high tear strength: GI-1000 is especially good for molds with deep undercuts and for those molds which requite flexing for part removal. 

Low shrinkage: Gi-1000 offers exceptional reproduction capability. It is particularly valuable in the production of many-sided molds where the exact registrations are required. 

Excellent chemical resistance: GI-1000 exhibits extremely long mold life due to unique processing techniques that were developed to meet the rigors of polyester and polyurethane casting.

Excellent shelf aging: GI-1000 retains its dimensional stability and resists embrittlement on aging. 

Low viscosity: The low viscosity of GI-1000 allows for easy mixing and de-airing, ensuring smooth, even flow. 

Variable cure rate: Several activators are available for special or unusual applications.


Color: White

Working Time: 1.5 to 2.5 Hours

Cure Time: 16 to 18 Hours

Shelf Life: 6 Months

Hardness, Shore A: 32 +/- 4