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GI-765 (Tin-Silicone) - Fox and Superfine
GI-765 (Tin-Silicone) - Fox and Superfine

GI-765 (Tin-Silicone)

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GI-765: This thixotropic tin catalyzed (condensation reacted) RTV-2 silicone was designed to by used when painting OR spraying onto vertical surfaces. It does not use the mold rotting thixo-additives so widely seen today, but offers the end user the same ease of use and detail. When catalyzed with one of our library extending catalyst and stored correctly, a longer life of cured silicone should be expected. It's high tear strength and elongation make it an excellent choice for any mold making application. It is also resistant to inhibition by most common mold making substrates, eliminating the need to use mold sealers. 

The initial coat can be applied as it is OR with a tin catalyzed non-thixo silicone such as GI-1000, GI-1110, or GI-1120 to obtain the highest amount of detail and consecutive coats applied soon after. You can utilize imbed between layers to help strengthen the mold and resist tear. 


Color, Base: White

Color, Activator: Teal

Work Time: 40 Minutes

Cure Time: 16 to 18 Hours

Hardness, Shore A: 28+/-3