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P-727 (Platinum Silicone)

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P-727: is a two component, room temperature cured, 1:1 mix ratio, addition reaction silicone rubber for mold making or special effects. It offers a low durometer, (Shore A 9), along with high elongation, tensile and tear strengths making it a great choice for glove molds or animatronics. Its translucency makes it easily colored with a silicone dispersed pigment to meet your specifications. You may also introduce SI-661 to create a brushable or thixotropic version. P-727 can stick to itself after curing allowing it to be painted within 5 days. 


P-690 "Cling-On" When added to P-727, you will experience a softening effect as well as a sticky effect, enhancing the tendency for prosthesis to adhere to the skin. 

P-684 Softener- when added to P-727, you will experience softening without a dramatic or drastic increase in bleeding. 

Color, Base: Translucent

Color, Activator: Colorless

Working Time: 30-45 Minutes

Cure Time: 4 Hours

Shore A Hardness: 9+/- 2