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P-565 is a transparent,  two component, addition reaction, platinum catalyzed silicone rubber. It is designed to remain water-clear even after extended exposure to the sun. Although P-565 has very good physical properties for an unfilled system, it is not designed as a mold-making rubber, rather, it is used as the article. 

P-565 was developed to make sculptured articles and for special effects applications that demand clarity. 

Mixing Instructions: Mix 100 Parts by weight of P-565 base with 10 parts by weight P-565 activator in a container that will hold approximately 4 to 5 times the volume being used. Mix thoroughly either by hand or by mechanical mixing After mixing, place the material in a vacuum chamber capable 28 to 29 inches of mercury vacuum. The material will expand to approximately quadruple its original volume and then collapse. Maintain in vacuum for an additional 2 to 3 minutes and then remove. 

Typical Properties: 

Color of Base: Transparent

Color of Activator: Transparent

Viscosity,cps: 12,000+/- 2,000

Mixed Viscosity: 6,000 +/- 2,000

Work Time, Hours: 1.5

Cure Time, Hours: 16-18

Shore Hardness, 16-18 Hours: 10+/-2

Shore Hardness, 7 Days: 16+/- 2

Tear Strength, ppi: 40+/-10

Shrinkage % :  NIL

Shelf Life: 6 Months