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P-801 is a sprayable or trowelable addition reacted, platinum cured RTV-2 silicone. High tear, tensile and elongation along with high temperature resistances make this an excellent choice for working with polyester, epoxy or urethane systems. Rapid demold time allows for immediate use in production. 

If mixing by hand, Mix one part P-801 Base with one-part P-801 Activator by weight in a container that will hold two times the volume being used. Mix thoroughly until uniform blue color is achieved. Immediately after mixing, place material in a vacuum chamber capable of 28 inches of mercury vacuum. The material will expand to double its original volume then collapse. Carefully trowel silicone rubber over released pattern. Allow to cure for one hour for best results. Could be used after 30 Minutes. 


Color, Base: Translucent

Color, Activator: Light Blue

Ratio: 1:1 by weight

Mixed Viscosity, CPS: 20,000+/- 3000

Working Time, minutes: 10

Demold Time, Minutes: 15

30 Minute Shore A: 23

Overnight Shore A: 25

Tear PPI: 80+/-10

Tensile, PSI: 490 +/- 50

Elongation, %:  475 +/- 25

Shrinkage: <0.1%

Shelf Life: 3 Months