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Poly-Optic® 14 Part R Retarder - Fox and Superfine

Poly-Optic® 14 Part R Retarder

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Poly-Optic® 14-Series Part R Retarder slows the cure of Poly-Optic® products. For every part of Part R added, an equal part of Part A must be added to the mix. Experiment to determine how much is needed for your application. Do not exceed 4% of the total mixed weight as the product may not cure properly. Example: Add 1% Part R to Poly-Optic® 1411 to double the working time from 9 to 18 minutes.

NOTES: Slowing the cure also reduces exothermic heating. Exothermic heating causes distortion, waviness and shrinkage especially in castings > 0.5" thick. For additional information, read the Poly-Optic® 14-Series Technical Bulletin.