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PolyFiber Thickener - All Sizes

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Poly Fiber II is a short, white, synthetic fiber, used to thicken polyurethane rubbers and plastics for making brushed molds and shells. May be added to rubber, such as Poly 74-30 to convert it into a brushable system with any level of thickening desired - thin for a face coat or thicker for subsequent coats. Also makes a pourable plastic such as Poly 1512X into a highly versatile, brushable consistency for making lightweight mother molds or mold shells. Thickened plastics can be used to create thin, lightweight, laid-up castings.

Add to polyurethane liquid rubbers to thicken for brush-on application or to liquid polyurethane plastics to thicken for making mold shells or layup castings. The level of thickening can be easily controlled to make thins gels to thicker pastes. Great for use with 74 series rubbers to make them brushable. Can also be used to thicken Polygel rubbers further. Works well with Poly 1512, 1511, and 1512X for making lightweight plastic mold shells that are durable and non-brittle.

Poly Fiber II does not suspend in air like Cabosil (fumed Silica).