Tattoo Neutralizer MelPAX Kit #9 - Fox and Superfine

Tattoo Neutralizer MelPAX Kit #9

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MelPAX Tattoo Neutralizer kit is a great kit to have to Neaturalize those basic tattoo colors.

NOTE: All MelPAX Colors could be used to cover tattoos. 
This Kit Includes:
- 4 - 1 oz MelPAX colors
Neutralizer 1 Light, Neutralizer 2 Medium, Neutralizer 3 Dark, Neutralizer 4 Extra Dark.
- 1 - 1 oz MelPAX Thinner
- 1 - 1 oz MelPAX Airbrush Thinner
What is MelPAX?
MelPAX is a skin safe Adhesive-Waterbasd Makeup. MelPAX is most commonly used for painting Foam Latex Prosthetics and also the most common used Makeup for a Tattoo Cover Up. MelPAX is the most durable and long lasting makeup available for Tattoo Cover. Once dry, MelPAX is Water Resistant, Sweat Proof, Smudge Proof and Smear Proof. 
Keep away from Eyes!
Shake Well!
How Do I Apply MelPAX?
MelPAX can be applied in many ways: Sponge, Brush or Airbrush. 
How Do I Airbrush MelPAX?
MelPAX must be THINNED with MelPAX Airbrush Thinner. Ratio 1:1
Will MelPAX Clog My Airbrush?
Not at all! Not if you clean after each color using Mel Products MelPAX Airbrush Cleaner! 
What Is The Difference Between MelPAX Thinner and Airbrush Thinner?
The difference is right in the name. MelPAX Thinner is for creating washes or glazes. Helps to reduce opacity of MelPAX to give a "Water Color" Effect. MelPAX Airbrush Thinner is strictly for thinning the MelPAX for the Airbrush. **These two CANNOT be interchanged**
How Do I Remove MelPAX?
Don't worry, we make a MelPAX Remover! And if you don't have any at the time or run out, we have been told Coconut Oil works!