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TC- 274

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TC-274 A/B PolySoft 2 is a two-component water blown flexible polyurethane foam system. The cured material feels similar to a medium-firmness furniture cushion. BJB’s 6800 Series Pigments may be added to the “B” side for developing a wide range of colors. Common applications are prototypes, prosthetics, medical training devices, movie special effects props and more. This material is frequently molded behind flexible polyurethane skin materials such as BJB’s FP, F, M, and L line or other BJB elastomers. TC-274 A/B can be hand mixed, machine dispensed, or mixed with a Jiffy Mixer®

HANDLING PROPERTIES Part A Part B Mix Ratio by weight 50 100

Mix Ratio by volume 43 100

Specific Gravity @ 77°F (25°C) 1.19 1.03

Color Brown Amber

Viscosity (cps) @77°F (25°C) Brookfield 205 1,070

Density (free rise) lbs/ft3 4

Density (free rise) kg/m3 64

Cream Time 20 – 30 seconds Rise Time 2.5 – 3 minutes

Tack Free Time 8 – 10 minutes

Demold Time 15 – 20 minutes