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Specialty platinum cured silicone designed for animatronics where small, precise movements of the robotics are required, This material is not designed for most animatronic applications. 

The XP-537 will require a paint coating to alleviate tackiness. 

Mixing Directions

XP- 537 is mixed 10 parts base to one part activator by weight. Deviations from this ratio will changes in the physical properties. Choose a container with a volume that is two to three times greater than that of the rubber. Weigh the components carefully and mix thoroughly. After the color is evenly mixed into the base, scrape the sides and bottom of the container to ensure that there is not unmixed portion. Place the container in a vacuum chamber and deaerate at 28 to 29 inches of mercury vacuum until the mass of rubber rises and then collapses.

Cure Sensitivity

XP-537 may have its cure inhibited at the interface between the mold and the master. Models that have come in contact with the tin catalyzed rubber may show cure inhibition at the face of the mold. This can usually be prevented by thoroughly cleaning the model with naphtha or methylene chloride, releasing and checking the area by brushing on a small amount of catalyzed XP-537. After twenty-four hours this film must be cured and non sticky.