Industrial Hot Knife For Foam Carving EPS - Fox and Superfine

Industrial Hot Knife For Foam Carving EPS

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Industrial Hot Knife kit for fast cuts through thick foam.

Carved foam may be coated with our Armorcoat epoxy for sign and theme park applications which require a tough, durable coating for exterior applications. Armorcoat does not contain solvents and will not melt or distort carved expanded styrene foam.

  • Includes Knife with 4" & 6" Straight Blades, Shape-able Round & Flat Blades, Sled Guide with 2 Blades
  • Can be used for continuous periods of up to 45 minutes, and much longer if turned off between cuts
  • Lightweight, solid state, with variable heat settings and a 10 foot power cord
  • We offer 220 Volt models for use in other countries at no extra charge
  • For fast cuts through polystyrene foams
Finished carved foam may be "hard-coated" with our Poly 1512X resin or Armorcoat epoxy.